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Seat Ibiza 6L ASZ


year: 2002

engine code: ASZ



This protect started in the middle of 2009.

The goal was to build up a ¼ mile public race car, witch also can be used for daily drive.

So items like idle speed, drivability and smoke behavior got high priority on our “to do list”.

For this, we knew, only linear working software with correct calibrated nozzles can do the

job and we started to re-calibrated the PD700 nozzles.

The car itself was build up in three different hardware versions:

·       Stock nozzles and GT1752V hybrid turbo

·       PD700 and GT 1752V hybrid turbo

·       PD700 and GTB2260VK turbo

The output power advance with evolution we made

Just to be honest:

Even when at the end this car got a stock drivability, the output power is made for short time

extreme duty and not for durability.

So we “are waiting” for parts of the engine to break.

If you like to copy this project for you own car/ engine, be sure to have some hardware to repair

during lifetime.

Look at “Issues- Seat Ibiza” to have a short over view of things happed during developing this car


At the end of 2009 we stop supporting this project!

No further support planed!


Technical Data

Changes Hardware:

GTB2260VK Turbo

PD700 nozzles

Seat Ibiza Cupra Intercooler,

350kPa MAP-sensor

ARL- head bolts

Spec 3 clutch with one mass flywheel

Milltek 2.5" Downpipe and Cat Back,

Cat deleted

CDA Air box

tdiparts intake

MAF deleted

No A/C...


Changes Software:

Implementation of PDE700 nozzels

ECU working with linear IQ up to 100mg/h

Recalibration of injection timing

Implementation of 350kPa MAP sensor

Chance of smoke limiter (MAF -> MAP)

Recalibration of smoke map

Deleted MAF in software

Recalibration of turbo control

Deactivation of EGR

Oil temperature based overheating protection

Advance of diagnosic values of IQ

Advance of diagnosic values of boost pressure

Advance accuracy of several diagnositic values

Custom measurement blocks


Advance of numbers of possible applications stored in ECU (block switching)



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