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Montag, den 02. August 2010 um 12:14 Uhr


is a union of engineers and technology inspired people, who approximately worked in their spare time on measurements and applications about engines and vehicles.

 Attention of this activity is e.g. to increase the efficiency and output of engines without being limited by exhaust or noise limit values.


Contrary to the classical Chiptuning, which wants to achieve a as simple and easy increasing of not specified output, PARIA works with classical Re-Engineering, in order to know the function of different controller types as accurately as possible.

With this knowledge and with theoretical and thermodynamic bases, afterwards a purposeful torques and power process is provided, which is verified by a multiplicity of different single tests


Because of PARIA is a private union of hobbyists, PARIA does not provide a service enterprise that obtains profits of change of applications.


The choice of the projects which can be worked on is done exclusively by PARIA. A requirement on project assumption does not exist.


This Internet site fulfils no tasks of advertisement. It is just a overview of projects, which PARIA worked on up to now.


Pia and Ramius

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