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Donnerstag, den 05. August 2010 um 09:04 Uhr

During the last few weeks/months we were informed by several people, that software was offered to them, which was allegedly developed in cooperation with us. This is not correct!

we have learned in the meantime, a application set from one of our projects has circulated.

We warn expressly of the use of this application in your vehicle, because this data was developed explicitly for a special  vehicle with especial hardware integrated.

Our application works linear and is laid out for highest power outputs for witch the integrated hardware is needed not the damage the engine.

Thus only a few tuners know the borders of your hardware and  how to set the values of this software correctly, these files are very dangerous in other hands. The software is basically, even without changes, able to destroy your engine/gearbox (this already, as it recently was reported to us, happened).

in your own interest, please be  careful, if you were offered a applictation like this

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