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Issues Seat Ibiza:

having a output torque higher then 400Nm at a MQ350 gear box means a lot of stress not only for the clutch and the gearbox:

picture below shows what happens, when the output torque bends the drive shaft because of too much torque:

the axle seal is bended during twisted of the drive shaft. During shifting process the torque is reduced very quickly, so the axle seal is not able to rebend fast enough, slips over and breaks in.

To protect the axle seal from tearing, we glue the seal on the drive shaft, but this fixed the problem only for some time..

One the other hand:

If you don´t have such problems with your MQ350 drive shafts, be sure not to have a output torque higher the 400Nm


GT1752V hybrid turbo

Calculations of the flow rate of the compressor of this hybrid charger shows that it isn´t good to drive more the 2900hPa charge air pressure at 4000rpm and 980hPa ambient pressure.

Having a lean lambda means also having a great exhaust volume, witch is not good for a “little” 17er turbine.

So to be able to handle round about 2900ha and 160kW @ 4000rpm stets the VTG nearly complete open.

One the other hand, we got a great spooling turbo witch is able to have non pumping pressure at 2100rpm and provide enough air mass for a 400Nm output torque

Increasing the exhaust volume with a WAES system on a dyno of cause will overspool the turbine and as expected, we crashed the little hybrid at this test.

Realization of this test:

A GT1752V hybrid turbo is good for a non smoke output power of no more then 215PS and working point of the maximum output power must be lower then 4000rpm.


Now it was time for bigger parts:

A GTB2260VK will be inserted in the car…


GTB2260VK turbo

org     new      GTB2260VK

After installing the new turbo in the car, we must recognize that a turbo, witch is made perfect for a 3.0 L engine will have problems to spool in a 1.9L engine.

At the end and a hundred of tests and applications sets, we got stock output torque of the BPX engine @ 1900rpm (round about 330Nm).

Now we left round about 400rpm to get a 440Nm output torque but we are able to run up to 4500rpm with high boost pressure.


The drivability is still good, just in lowest engine speeds, we got “only” stock power.


MQ350 gearbox

As we know from durability tests, the VAG MQ350 gearbox is not able to handle much more torque of a long time.

Our experiments says, 380Nm in cycle will reduce lifetime to a half.

As we all know this behavior is not a linear function, so with round about 454Nm peak-power we can “wait” the gear box to break.

And now, as we read in certain forums (we stopped supporting this car already) the gear box cover breaks on bush of the camp of 4th gear.

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